ARCHDALE — A pandemic might have drastically altered the way cities do business, but Archdale leaders are continuing their holiday tradition of supporting those in need.

City Manager Zeb Holden explained that Archdale Police Department, council members and staff at City Hall are again participating in a Christmas fundraiser to provide local children with toys and clothing during a time when many do without.

“The last couple of years have been really spectacular,” Holden said. “We’ve had them come to a central location, provide a dinner for them and have the kids open their presents right there. It’s been a really emotional and good event. Obviously we can’t do that quite the same this year, so we’ll focus more on [meeting] their needs and distributing them the right way.”

Also during the pre-agenda session which preceded the most recent meeting of council, Holden updated the city’s plans to allocate CARES Act money the municipality will receive from Randolph County. Preliminary drafts were submitted to the county governments, which were responsible for distributing money from the CARES Act to local municipalities.

Agreements with each municipality were required due to a “clawback provision,” which would allow the money to be retracted if used for something that doesn’t meet requirements. Money must be spent by Dec. 31.

Law enforcement payroll is eligible for these purposes, Holden said.

“To simplify the process of how we’re going to utilize our funding, we reached out to the county and advised them our next request is going to be for the full amount of what we’re eligible for,” Holden said. “The entire $279,000 that we were eligible for, we’re going to be able to recoup. We’re going to be taking that money in, putting it toward those police department salaries and then pulling that salary money out to distribute to three accounts that we can continue to use for COVID-type issues that come up.”

Holden said the city is planning to allocate funding for Parks and Recreation, the city’s general fund and community promotion.

Meanwhile, Archdale has followed a regional trend that has seen sales tax receipts exceed what local officials thought possible. According to Holden, the pandemic has not slowed the spending in the city to the degree first anticipated.

“It has been substantially higher than we ever would have expected, especially in light of a pandemic,” Holden said. “We’re not projecting it to stay at that same level … but it was really, really good news in light of everything going on.”

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at