The annual Serco Club of Archdale-Trinity’s Cheer Fund drive is in honor of Phil Skaggs.

In May, Stan Byrd Sr. (left) presented Phil Skaggs with the Stan Byrd Sr. Lifetime Achievement Award for dedication and extraordinary service to the community. This year, the annual Serco Club of Archdale-Trinity’s Cheer Fund drive is in honor of Skaggs, a SerCo member for more than 20 years.

ARCHDALE — The SerCo Club of Archdale-Trinity has begun its annual Cheer Fund drive with a goal of $20,000 in cash and $25,000 in cash and goods.

Donations to the Cheer Fund are used at Christmas to purchase toys, games, books, and school supplies for children in need throughout the Archdale and Trinity communities. Other events during the year are also supported by the fund, including an annual senior citizens banquet.

The Bush Hill Jamboree, Archdale Christmas Parade and other community events also find their financial origins in the cheer fund. This year’s 37th annual installment will pay tribute to a familiar individual to the club.

Each year the Cheer Fund is dedicated to honor an individual or to remember an individual who has had an impact on the SerCo Club. This year, the annual drive is in honor of Phil Skaggs, a SerCo member for more than 20 years.

The club’s treasurer for 26 years, Skaggs served as the individual primarily responsible for the financial operations of the organization.

“He has worked hard to make the Archdale-Trinity area a better place to live and I believe that his spirit and great friendship is a great example that we all should follow,” said Stan Byrd Sr., project chairman of the Archdale-Trinity SerCo Club.

Skaggs was presented with the Stan Byrd Lifetime Achievement Award earlier this year for his lengthy service to the community. For an organization that has been a city institution for 35 years, Skaggs has been an ambassador nearly as long as the group has been around.

According to J.D. Peace, president of the SerCo Club of Archdale-Trinity, his workmanlike approach was reflected in the details of his tenure. At one point, he served as president, secretary and treasurer of the club all in one year.

Hal Surratt, who was sworn in as acting treasurer earlier this year as Skaggs’s successor, will have “thermometers” posted at his CPA office at 11544 N. Main Street in Archdale, as well as Trinity Community Park, to track progress.

The club was forced into starting earlier than normal due to economic conditions and area schools having large amounts of requests for help, according to Byrd. This season, Tammy Peace, Deana Byrd, Lindsay Davis & Jennifer Furr will serve as co-chairpersons for the campaign.

Those interested in helping the organization meet its goal have several options to contribute. Monetary donations are made payable to the Archdale Trinity Cheer Fund and can be mailed to P.O. Box 4956, Archdale, N.C. 27263 or dropped off at Stan Byrd Realtors at 10468 N. Main Street in Archdale. All contributions are tax deductible.

Donations of new toys or games may also be taken to Stan Byrd Realtors.

The Archdale-Trinity SerCo Club was chartered in February 1984 as an organization that bears the abbreviated name to signify “Service to the Community.” Each year, the club provides assistance to those in need by helping to pay heat, utilities, rent, groceries, school supplies and other bills.

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at