ARCHDALE — The Archdale-Trinity Cheer Fund was established to help provide clothes, food and toys for children of needy families residing in the Archdale and Trinity communities. Thirty-seven years later, the mission continues.

This year’s Cheer Fund is in memory of Linda Johnson. “I have been lost this year without her as our club has been preparing for this year’s Cheer Fund,” said Stan Byrd Sr., Cheer Fund chairman. “She was always working wide open, she believed that you can’t just be takers, but we should be givers. Linda lived her life always giving to others. What an example she was to us all.”

According to Byrd, Linda and Lois Bohnsack stuffed handmade stockings for the children for many years and Linda always dressed up as an elf and helped Santa deliver all the toys and gifts to the children in the Archdale-Trinity area. “She made a big difference in my life and I wish I knew how many other lives she touched during her lifetime.”

In addition to gifts at Christmas, the Cheer Fund is used to help with emergency requests throughout the year. The Archdale-Trinity Cheer Fund is not used only for Christmas, but is also used throughout the year as needs of the community arise.

This year’s slogan is “It’s Christmas Time, Let’s Fill our Hearts with Love” and the Cheer Fund co-chairpersons are Tammy Peace, Deana Byrd and Linda Davis.

“With your help, our club has been able to continue our Senior Citizens Banquet, feed the needy, buy medical equipment and meet many other urgent needs,” Byrd said. “We would like to express our sincere thanks and hope that you will continue to support us this year.” Byrd is looking for this year’s heroes who will step up to help meet the Cheer Fund goal of $20,000 in cash and $25,000 in cash and goods.

Thermometers to monitor the goal will be placed at the corner of U.S. Hwy. 311 and Baker Road and Trinity Community Park on N.C. Hwy. 62. These thermometers will mark the Cheer Fund’s progress.

Do you want to help? Drop off new toys and clothing donations at Stan Byrd Realtors, 10468 N. Main St. Suite B, Archdale. Make checks payable to Archdale-Trinity Cheer Fund and mail to P. O. Box 4956, Archdale, N.C. 27263. Your donation is tax deductible.