ARCNWS-03-18-21 ABC

Eric Easter’s big fish catch at the March 6 Archdale Bass Club’s Lake Norman event.

ARCHDALE — Well, it’s been a long time, friends, and we apologize for it. Wires got crossed and we did not have the opportunity to visit with you in 2020, but that is not any more messed up than most of the rest of the year. Let’s get to it!

First, your Archdale Bass Club has grown quite a bit. This year we had to forego our traditional first tournament foray at Badin Lake, due to the number of anglers and state permit requirements. We ended up starting our season at Lake Norman instead. Thirty-three clubbers showed up to slug it out and slug it out they did.

Norman was stingy. Our most senior member, Tom Carl, won with 5 fish and 9.08 pounds. Eric Easter and Neil McDonald finished in a tie for second spot with 9.20 pounds. Big Jack Elkes is back with the club again and he nailed down the third slot with 8.90 pounds. Eric and George Lambeth also tied for big fish, each having a 3.14 pound big fish anchoring their creel.

For those unfamiliar with the season so far, two things happened here. First, a species of invasive bass has been spreading all over the southeast ruining fisheries. They are called Alabama or Coosa (River) spotted bass. Lake Norman is heavily infested with them and efforts are underway to try and help this.

Additionally, the late spring cold snap caused water temperatures to drop suddenly. Large bait fish die offs resulted. It’s a little difficult to get any predatory fish interested in a hunk of wiggling plastic when there are hundreds of thousands of tasty meals all around and you don’t have to work so hard to catch.

We are hopeful our next outing will be more sporting. We’ll be home at Randleman Regional Reservoir on April 10 and have high hopes of the legendary catches it produces in the spring. Couple that with the removal of North Carolina’s fishing regulation of keeping only one fish over 20 inches in Randleman and there is a high likelihood weights will be eye popping. We look forward to bringing it to you and we’ll see you on the water.