We all have a lot to be thankful for. We've lived through another year. Unfortunately, others were not so fortunate. 

We can share our condolences with those who have lost friends and loved ones."\  God has been good to all of us. Hopefully, you are thankful for  His blessings.  I certainly am thankful. 

May we be as blessed this  new year as we have in previous years, and may we be a blessing to others.


In a previous article I mentioned a young up-and-coming baseball player with local ties. He's from High Point and  graduate of Wesleyan Christian Academy.

Wil  Myers is the son of Eric and Pam Myers and the grandson of Noah and Barbara Manning of Thomasville. We get to see Noah and Barbara at Sunrise Diner often and are able to keep up with  Wil.

In a recent "Sports Illustrated," Wil was featured with pictures and a four page spread.

For the last two years, Wil was associated with the Kansas City Royals, who had the most admired minor league talent — Wil  being one of those.

Wil is now the newest prize for the Tampa Bay Rays. Much more than the 2012 Minor League Home Run King, scouts are comparing him to the Dale Murphy. Keep watching, Wil is likely to begin the 2013 season at Triple A, but could be in the Rays lineup very soon.


Well, the last  article (I never have figured out whether  to call it an article or a column. Maybe Kathy Stuart, Time's editor, can straighten me out on that), I  had reference to some of Thomasville's history from earlier years.                                    

Thanks to all the readers who responded to the previous questions in the last edition of This-N-That about  the Bard.

According to "Wheels of Faith and Courage" and the information I received from readers,  the Bard was a lumber and manufacturing company on Fisher Ferry Street. It was built by a West Virginia corporation and began operation on Aug. 14, 1907, manufacturing box seat dining room chairs andrRockers. Clarence Lantz was the first plant manager. The plant was later leased to T.J. Finch, C.F. Finch and A. H. Ragan, who then sold to Thomasville Chair Company in 1909 and became known as Plant B.

The Plant employed 65 men who produced about 450 chairs per day.

One reader remembers a cafe known as the Bard, which was across from the building housing the Bard.

When I moved to Thomasville in 1958, I believe it was named Plant B Grill (or Cafe.)

I also learned was that each of the Thomasville Furniture plants were named for  former furniture manufacturing  plants after being bought by Thomasville Chair Company. Cramer Furniture became Plant C.  The Lee Manufacturing  Company,  organized by J. Harrison Lambeth, became  Plant L after being purchased by Thomasville Chair.

Those are some of the examples.


I will pick up on the "Back Yard" Bird Book. It has been a while so, here goes!

In this session we are going to talk about the mourning dove. It is easy to understand the meaning of this bird's name due to the mournful and gloomy sound to its call. It is hard to believe that it can fly up to 55 miles an hour.

In courtships, the male flies upward with noisy wing beats and then glides to the ground. He then approaches the female with a bowing movement and a loud song. Mourning doves are known to mate  for life.

Mourning doves can be found in any open area. They eat seeds but it is hard for them to feed at a feeder. That is why they are known as a ground feeder, eating the seed that other birds have spilled. Mourning doves can suck water through their bills like a straw.


We've about exhausted Thomasville Trivia, so, now we will do several sessions of  North Carolina Trivia.

1.  North Carolina's first legislation on the automobile, enacted in 1907, stipulated what maximum speed on the open road?

2. True or False? Snow has been recorded every month of the year on Mount Mitchell.

3. Sugar Ray Leonard, Charles Kuralt and Whistler's Mother were all born in what North Carolina city?

4. True or False: North Carolina's state tree is the Dogwood.


Things I have lived and learned.

Extra spices can't cover your cooking mistakes.

I don't feel old if I don't look in the mirror.

If you are still talking about what you did yesterday, you haven't done much today


Trivia answers

1. 15 miles per hour. In town, speed limits were as low as six miles per hour.

2. True

3. Wilmington

4. False . The state tree is the pine. The dogwood is the state flower.

Larry Murdock is a columnist for the Thomasville Times.