Next week, 31 individuals from Thomasville will depart for Denver, Colo., where they will pitch the city as one of 20 finalists for the All-America City Award, given by the National Civic League.

Spearheaded by the Thomasville Area Chamber of Commerce, the merit of Thomasville's application was based on three local projects  — Memorial Day Parade, Project Dvine Interuption, Chiildren at Play — that have made a difference in the community. The projects were summarized in a video created with the help of Grace and Cary Kanoy, who owns Thomasville-based GeoCore Films.

"The video is part of an All-America City video contest," said Doug Croft, president of the Thomasville Area Chamber of Commerce. "To boost viewership, we want everybody to watch this short three-minute video and even 'like' it on YouTube."

The video depicts the three projects.

The North Carolina Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony  is a celebration of veterans who have paid the ultimate price for freedom. This year's ceremony commended initiatives that honor and benefit veterans and military families.

Project Divine Interuption is a program founded by Tracy Brinkley to help reach the homeless community in Thomasville. Statistics show 1 in 25 students in the Thomasville City Schools district are homeless. The video captures a few of the key organizers of these projects, including Brinkley, speaking of how the efforts of community residents have contributed to lessen the impact of poverty.

Dr. Christian Brandyberry served as president of Thomasville Rotary Club when they spearheaded the Children at Play initiative to renovate playgrounds at parks throughout the city. The video discusses how crime at the parks has subsided tremendously since the renovations.

Croft is pleased by the collaborative efforts of these and many other members of the community who give the Chair City a strong case to win the award.

"We are extremely proud of the video that was produced featuring some of our All-America City projects," Croft said. "I don’t know how anyone who cares about Thomasville could not be emotionally moved by this story."

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