One of Thomasville's city schools is getting a much-needed repair.

Liberty Drive Elementary School is having a large section of its roof replaced in a project that may cost a little more now but will save money in the long run.

Replacing much of the original roof is costing the school system $410,000, but a new design is going to ensure a similar project won't be needed for a couple of decades. Unlike the previous flat roof, the school is getting a new standard seam design that enables water to run off and not collect, keys to causing leaks and erosion.

"It was just deteriorating," said TCS Superintendent Keith Tobin. "It had just got to the point where we needed to reroof it. The standard seam roof lasts a lot longer than a flat roof. It's a little more expensive but it will be worth it in the long run."

TCS Maintenance Supervisor Greg Miller said an infrared survey conducted a few years ago indicated water was penetrating the roof and consultants indicated it would need to be replaced. Southern Metal Systems, a Wendell company that also worked on the roof at Thomasville High School, is handling the project at LDE. Miller said the addition of attic space will provide an insulation barrier that is expected to lower energy costs.

"We're putting eight inches of insulation up there that should reduce our heating and cooling expenses," Miller said. "The roof wasn't really leaking but there as moisture underneath the concrete decking. It would have to be replaced eventually. Old roofs are flat and have drains on them but there's always the possibility of water standing up there. New roofs have a pitch to them and no place for it to hold water."

TCS is paying for the project using capital money received from the Davidson County Board of Commissioners. Miller said roofing projects at THS stayed under budget, allowing TCS to combine those left over bond funds with capital money. The only section of roof not being replaced at LDE is over a long hallway that was added onto the school 10 years ago.  

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