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ARCHDALE – Open the door of Archdale Bakery and you will be greeted by a heavenly scent. With extra help from Emily Henderson and Taylor Cook, owner Karen Harris is baking her heart out to supply a bounty of sweet treats offered by the bakery for Valentine’s Day. Read more

If Hannah Meyer possesses a superpower, it’s spelling words. The seventh-grade student at Ar… Read more

Imagine getting a package in the mail. Then opening it and finding a brand new book. Free. N… Read more

TRINITY – City council discussed putting $5,000 back in the 2016-17 FY budget to allocate fo… Read more

ARCHDALE – It isn’t unusual to find goats in Archdale, or even donkeys, but how about alpaca… Read more

“Benvenuti and welcome!” said President Beverly Nelson as she greeted Chamber members and gu… Read more

Behind a strong second half effort, Wheatmore's girls now find themselves all alone in secon… Read more

ARCHDALE – The passing of Randolph County Sheriff Maynard Reid has prompted an ongoing conve… Read more

RANDOLPH COUNTY — Robert Graves, chairman of the county Republican Party and a public safety… Read more

ARCHDALE – Mike Boyles remembers the day he fell in love. He was too young, really – only 17… Read more

Dale Bartlett of Sophia says he and his wife Christy plan to be smart with the $112,029 Cash… Read more

TRINITY – “If you don’t practice safety, nobody else is going to do it,” says Gary Lewallen,… Read more

ARCHDALE – Winter Storm Jonas left behind multiple disasters across the state, claiming the … Read more

Winter weather is causing plenty of headaches for athletic directors around the area. Read more

TRINITY – Gavin Ridge knows the sound of education when he hears it. Plink, rattle, toot, ba… Read more